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Logistic Company

KGK Freight has been the number one Transport Company in Brampton since 2005. Our company is working under K.R.P Enterprises Ltd to stretch the business to a lot of people.

As a leading name in the logistics industry, it is our ultimate goal that we make the business easier for you. We are always ready to take away your stress by providing hassle-free service.

Most Reliable Choice To Ship Your Cargo

Take advantage of our one-of-a-kind logistics services to expand your business name and to enhance customer retention.

Why Choose Us?

Indulge with KGK Freight and carry out the shipping process efficiently


With our 18 Years of Experience in the logistics management services across Canada, we assure you a pleasant experience. We are skilled at reefer carriers, LTL, freight truck, FTL and shipping across Canada 


Our expert KGK Freight forwarders will curate solutions that suit your business.


Choosing us means you get the best transport company in Brampton, Ontario at a reasonable price.